Typhanie Monique

Recording Artist • Vocal Stylist • Educator

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Typhanie Monique @ Studio5

Typhanie Monique performs at Studio5, Evanston's new performing arts venue!

Friday, December 01 @ 7:30pm

1938 Dempster Street, Evanston, IL


Bob Garrett - Percussion

Neal Alger - Guitar

Ben Lewis - Piano

Joshua Ramos - Bass

Timothy Archbold - Cello

Theme  - Shadow and Light - Songs inspired by the Season

This time of year brings reflection as the year comes to a close. It is a time of stillness, where the shadow of winter follows our footsteps in the snow and the moon shows her face more hours than the sun. The season that for a moment warms our spirit with gathering and holiday cheer, ringing in a new year and then suddenly turns still and frigid,allowing us to transition and reflect.

The songs chosen for this concert reflect the transitions of the season.  I will be performing some jazz standards, contemporary repertoire and holiday songs that will warm the soul, ignite the senses and bring a desire for a deeper understanding of stillness and reflection.  From my previous performance experience at Studio 5, I wanted to create a concert setting that was thoughtful and reflective, utilizing this incredible space both sonically and visually.  Shadow and Light instantly came to mind.  I also wanted to use different instrumentation that showcased some of the music from “Call It Magic” and my cover of Dylan’s, "Boots Of Spanish Leather”.   Steve and Bea have created a magical space and I want to create a magical night for it’s listeners.